Fishos Friend(TM) – is an Australian Made and Owned product and currently ready for manufacture stage, and hopefully due for sale in 2022.

Investment opportunity. Seeking investors to get the product into production and on the shelves. Will create 135 Aussie jobs with 30+ for people with a disability. Please email or call for further information.

The Fishos Friend™ – all purpose measure is designed for the fishing industry. Primarily the recreational angler, but also for research purposes. As there is 6 million plus recreational fisherpersons in Australia, then the product will be sold through all avenues that support the fishing industry. This means that the Fishos Friend™ will be distributed and sold at the local Tackle shops (both large franchises and the small individual store owner), boating supply shops, boating dealers, the Dept of Fisheries offices in each State, camping stores, and any other Business that wants to help promote responsible fishing. So that we can conserve what stocks we have now by “Fishing for the Future”.

The problem I am addressing is for the education of all anglers on the awareness of the legal size and bag limits, of all fish, crustaceans, and shellfish, in all States of Australia. So we can “Fish for the Future”. So future generations can enjoy what we are presently enjoying. With Fishos Friend™ (which made in Australia and affordable for everyone), there is No excuse for anglers to take undersize fish, crustaceans, or shellfish, or exceed the bag limit. Educating sustainable fishing practices for the recreational angler. Aiming to teach anglers to “Fish for the future”.

By having logos on the Fishos Friend™ saying “Catch your limit, but limit your catch”, “Try Catch’n’release instead”, “Release today, catch tomorrow”,  and “Take a photo and let it go”, will therefore assist with doing my bit to assist in keeping sustainable fisheries stocks.  To educate people to look after and respect nature, create/save Australian jobs, and support the local economy. Australia wide.

With the sale of the Fishos Friend™- all purpose measure sold Australia wide, is doing our bit to ensure that most fisherperson are educated to “Fish for the Future”. So future generations can enjoy what we are presently enjoying.

Fishos Friend will create 12-14 permanent jobs in manufacturing in Brisbane, and a further 30+ permanent jobs (for people with disabilities), in the assembly/packaging, warehousing and distribution process, to retailers. Thats 45+ permanent jobs for Queenslanders, and another 90 jobs indirectly, Australia wide.

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