Fishos Friend(TM) – is an Australian Made and Owned product and currently ready for manufacture stage, and hopefully due for sale in 2022.

Investment opportunity. Seeking investors to get the product into production and on the shelves. Will create 135 Aussie jobs with 30+ for people with a disability. Please email or call for further information.

The Fishos Friend ™- all purpose measure, will be made out of a hardened processed plastic called ASA. This is to ensure that the product is of sound and sturdy construction. ASA is also saltwater and chemical resistant.

This is to enable the product to withstand being out in direct sunlight without much fading or warping. All of these additives are to ensure that a quality Australian Made product is available for all persons. Enabling the product to be used all year round in any environmental conditions.

The Fishos Friend™- all purpose measure, is designed to measure the minimum (and in some cases the maximum) legal size of fish, crustaceans, and shellfish. (As per each states legal requirements). And primarily comes in four sections.                      

 The fish measure section ranges from 0 – 1250 mm, and opens out in four sections.  In the first section there are 6 individual slideout gauges. Which remain as a permanent feature in that section. These gauges cover the minimum legal size of crustaceans and shellfish. The crustacean gauges cover Green and Brown mudcrabs, Blue Swimmer crabs, Southern and Western Crayfish, Marron, Abalone, shellfish, and other. As per that states regulations.

Laser etched along, and on the back of the four main sections (including on the crustacean gauges), are the minimum (and in some case the maximum) take possession and limit size of all fish and crustaceans. Including mixed Bag Limits and Protected Species.

As each State has its own legal requirements for Fish Management, then each State will have its own gauge. The gauge of each State will also have it’s own color to distinguish it from the other states. As well as having the appropriate State name put on the front of the product. Ensuring that no fisherpersons can get the separate state gauge mixed up with the state they are fishing in.

The competitive advantage that the Fishos Friend™– all purpose measure has over other competitors is, that there is nothing on the market what so-ever that can do all of the things as previously mentioned. This will be a very new, and very innovative product, able to fill a niche hole in the market.

The market for such a product is very much in demand. The overseas market also has huge potential. 

Fishos Friend will also create 12-14 new and full-time jobs in the manufacturing process in Brisbane, with another 30+ jobs in the assembly/packaging, warehousing, and then distribution to retailers.  

fishos friend all purpose measure
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