Fishos Friend(TM) – is an Australian Made and Owned product and currently ready for manufacture stage, and hopefully due for sale in 2022.

Investment opportunity. Seeking investors to get the product into production and on the shelves. Will create 135 Aussie jobs with 30+ for people with a disability. Please email or call for further information.

Fishos Friend ™ will be the manufacturer of a very new, exciting and very innovative product for the Recreational Fishing Industry. Of which, Fishos Friend™ is an entirely Australian Made and owned product. (Australian Patents granted).

The Fishos Friend™ will measure the minimum, (and in some cases the maximum), legal size of all fish, crustaceans, and shellfish, in all States of Australia. Therefore, each State will have its own separate gauge. The gauge will be made out of ASA plastic (which has a UV sun protection in it). To ensure product longevity. ASA plastic is also saltwater and chemical resistant.

The Fishos Friend™ has only the one type available. However, as each state has its own legal requirements, then each state will have its own gauge. The actual internal gauge mechanism will vary with each State. Dependant on what gauges are required for what different species. The gauge to each state will have their own color (as per that States colour), to define that gauge from other states. With the relevant states name on the front of the product.

fishos friend product
fishos friend extended product
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